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Klangschloss am Greiffensee - We will present a nice system

We have decided (and had the chance to get a room) to participate to the Klangschloss Greiffensee on the 14-15th of April 2018.

We will play:
- Blumenhofer-Acoustics Genuin FS 1 MK 2
- Merging Nadac Player 8
- Merging Nadac Power
- Gerd Sauerman Class A Power Amplifier
- Brandt Audio Cables
- Cammino Power Harmonizer
Merging Nadac Player

We will be in Room 9b and there will be the chance to hear a presentation of Andrea Vitali about Horn loudspeakers, how they are built, which principles are behind them and what are their properties.

Manger's Review on The Absolute Sound 01-2018

Manger received a great review on the first issue of The Absolute Sound in 2018. You can find it on page 102-105 of the printed or the pdf magazine. Here You can purchase it.

Manger on the Absolute Sound

Merging+ Nadac - Nice Review on

On the first issue of 2018 Stereoplay, there is a nice review written by Andreas Günther. Have a read, in German.


Hegel's start in 2018 with a big bang!

Hegel starts 2018 with several good news. As You know at the first appointment of 2018, the CES, the American press publishes the 'product of the year' before, in this case 2017. Hegel has been able to earn a lot of awards.
Let's start:
HEGEL Röst wins Product of The Year in Soundstage Networks. Soundstage is the leading online magazine for 2-channel audio in North America, and Hegel is very proud to have received this award. Here is the link to the award article, here to the original article of Al Griffin, and here to the original article of Oliver Amnuayphol. Both these reviewers awarded Editor's Choice

Hegel Mohican Product of the Year 2017 on The Absolute Sound
Mohican is Product of The Year in The Absolute Sound (USA).

Hegel H90 HiFi+ award 2017
H90 is Product of The Year in HiFi+ (UK)Here You can read the article.

Hegel Röst is product of the year in The Ear
Rost is Product of The Year in The Ear (UK)Here You can read the award article and here the original article.

- Hegel also had a very good review of the H190 in HiFi News (UK) just now. Here You can read the article.
- Hegel H190 in (Norway). Here You can read the article.
- Hegel H190 in HiFi & Music (Norway - Denmark). Here You can read the article.
- Hegel H190 in HiFi Video Test (Holland). Here You can read the article.
- Hegel H90 in Stereoplay (Germany).