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German Physiks Emperor is Integraded Amplifier of the Year on Hi-Fi+

The written magazine Hi-Fi+ assigned the award of Integrated Amplifier of the Year to the Emperor Amplifier of German Physiks.

The complete Review is on Issue 199 of hi-fi+, here You can buy it online.

The whole awards are on Issue 202, here You can buy it online.

Video Review by 13th note of the Hegel H390

We have a somewhat cute (in all its Britishness) as well as very good H390 review just out. The review is from British You Tube’er 13th note.

He compares Hegel to various Naim, Bryston, Cyrus, Chord etc. He ends up purchasing the Hegel.

Here the video:

Manger P2 reviewed by 'Le beaux'


'Le beau Son' reviewed the Manger P2 loudspeakers. 

You can enjoy the reading in French here publish a report about the Amphion loudspeakers

The Swiss online magazine published a nice review of the Ampion Loudspeakers.

They refer to the Argon 7LS from Amphion as a 'Nordic Beauty'. Here You can read the whole review in German. Enjoy

Amphion Argon 7LS

Review of the Blumenhofer Loudspeakers on released a review of Blumenhofer loudspeakers.
The article in French is a good description of Blumenhofer's philosophy and way of thinking.

You can read it here on the pages of the French e-zine.

Review of the Hegel H590 on HiFi Plus

The Hegel H590 has been reviewed on HiFi Plus.
Here You can read the whole review.

Hegel H590 Review on Low Beats

In Low Beats, Holger Biermann, made a very long review, very positive, as You can see from the picture.
Here You can read it online in German.
Here You can download the pdf in German.

Enjoy the reading

Hegel H590 Review on HiFi Plus

On the pages 17-20 of the issue 163 of HiFi+ there is a very nice review of the Hegel H590 integrated amplifier. Alan Sircom took his time to enjoy our product and describe his experience.
Did You notice that our H590 managed to get into the front cover??? This means a lot!

If You are curious, You can download the pdf of the article in english here.

Hegel H190 on Darko Audio

Darko Audio published a long article about the Hegel H190 in combination with the Eclipse TD510Z MK2. He says: What started as 'just a quick listen' turned into a pro-shot video which turned into a full piece of editorial content.

Here to the article.
Here to the Vimeo Video.

MERGING+NADAC reviewed by The Ear

Jason Kennedy from reviewed the MERGING+NADAC with POWER setup.

 Merging+Nadac reviewed by The Ear

Originally the Swiss brand brought out the NADAC network attached DAC, essentially a digital to analogue converter with a network connection that meant you could send music data to it over Ethernet. Their next step was to create the Merging Player which is nearly identical to a NADAC except that it has a network streamer onboard, it has the same casework and name on the front but extra electronics inside. More recently they have released an external power supply for both NADAC and Player called logically enough, Power. ” 
Jason Kennedy -

Here You can read the whole review

Manger's Review on The Absolute Sound 01-2018

Manger received a great review on the first issue of The Absolute Sound in 2018. You can find it on page 102-105 of the printed or the pdf magazine. Here You can purchase it.

Manger on the Absolute Sound

Merging+ Nadac - Nice Review on

On the first issue of 2018 Stereoplay, there is a nice review written by Andreas Günther. Have a read, in German.


Review of the Merging-Nadac DAC on Mag@zine

Starting on page 24 of the 03-2107 issue of Canadian TED mag@zine there is an amazing review of the Merging-Nadac DAC. Here You can read the table of contents. Enjoy the reading.

The Lavardin ISX earns a review on What Hi-Fi

Lavardin ISX on What HiFi

What HiFi published a nice review of the Lavardin ISX. Here You can read the article.

Lavardin ISX on What HiFi

Hegel Röst and Gato AMP-150 test auf Stereo Ausgabe 8-2017

Start reading on page 22 and end at page 33, You will find a very nice overview of several amplifiers. Among the other the Gato AMP-150 and the Hegel Röst have been tested.
Should You be curious, here, You can purchase online the complete article directly from

Hegel Röst and Gato AMP-150 on Stereo 08/2017