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Soulines Turntables in Switzerland

We are improving our analogue offerings. Soulines from Serbia is now in our product portfolio.
Very nice and simple turntable based on a minimalistic concept.

Soulines Turntables

Blumenhofer introduces the Fun 13 MK 2

After a long development, and about one year from the last sale of the Fun 13, Blumenhofer introduces the new Fun 13 MK 2.
Blumenhofer's goal was to keep the same friendly dimensions and the same friendly design of the predecessor. Not a bigger loudspeaker, but a far better sounding one.
The differences, technically speaking are 2:
- a new silk dome tweeter with 28mm diameter
- a new woofer same dimensions but with P2C membrane
The first production after the pre-series have left the company in the last weeks.
About the beginning of February it will be also available in Switzerland

Blumenhofer Fun 13 MK 2

Product Pages

It is a long shot, but it is a start and we start with Hegel. We will add dedicated product pages, where we will add some content and information about the products we do have in distribution. Collecting useful links to reviews, videos and whatever we think is worth about the brands.

Hegel Product Pages