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Participation to the CE Expo in Montreux


At the Montreux
CE Expo 2015, we had a big room, about 70 square meter, and we presented the Genuin FS 2 combined with The Tune from Einstein. The whole power cleaning and cabling was based on Cammino products their Power Harmonizer to get the system playing at its best.

The opted for analogue music reproduction, but even our CD partners found a good solution for their needs. The sources have been:
- Plattenspieler Thales TTT-Compact including the famous Thales Tonarm
- CD Transport from Audio Tonale

At fist I was surprised by the quantity of strange products at the show: refrigerators, ovens, television sets, even pots and hair blowers.
At first I was not really understanding what was happening: very little public at the show. Then I understood that: it was a dealer show.
Each person entering the room was in fact dealer of some kind of electronic components or home appliances. GREAT!!

We had the time to spend and to discuss with each person coming to our room. I think I've seldom enjoyed such a relaxed and rich fair, seldom in such a beautiful place with such a rich environment (even outside the show area).
If You are curious? Here to our gallery.


Einstein Audio in Switzerland


Einstein Audio, this brand is in our opinion one of the historic brands for HiFi musical reproduction. We received shortly before the CE Audio Show in Montreux the confirmation that we will cooperate with Einstein for the marketing of their products in Switzerland.


We will support Thales Tonarm as one of our brands


We are step by step in the position to deliver complete solutions to our dealers. We just started a cooperation with the well known Thales Tonarm, a swiss company specialized in realization of pivot tonearms, able to play like tangential ones and eliminate one of the worst sources for errors in the analog setup.


The Hegel H160 Power Amplifier receives the EISA Award

We congratulate with our supplier Hegel, and we are proud to inform You all that the Hegel H160 Power Amplifier receives the EISA Award for 2015-2016 as best product in the category Amplifier.
Here You can watch and read more information about it.
And here You can download the brochure of the the Hegel H160