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During the exhibition High End Munich 2013 I went once again at the BMW building next to the MOC (Munich Order Center) to pay a visit to Mr. Martion. I was pleased to have the opportunity to hear not only the Oregon and the Einhorn, but also loudspeakers from Klanghorn. An open amplifier was exposed which attracted my interest. A nice gentleman approached me and asked if I had any questions about this amplifier. It was Mr. Gerd Sauermann who explained his stereo class A power amplifier to me and told me about his patent.

The society Klangmeister demonstrated the Ecouton « TransAr » with 2 mono blocs from Mr. Sauermann. Seldom before have I had the pleasure to assist to such a good demonstration. « Well done » was my thought, « those people know what they are doing ! » It was simply great. After the demonstration I got into a conversation with Mr. Sauermann and we discussed about a possible opportunity for collaboration. By that date Mr. Sauermann did not yet have a representative in Switzerland for his amplifiers.

A few months later I had could test his stereo amplifier at my place whereupon I decided to distribute his products. Gerd Sauermann, Mr. Andrea Vitali (company Blumenhofer) and me took part in the exhibition High End Swiss 2013 and demonstrated the power amplifier with the Blumenhofer Genuin FS2 in cooperation.
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