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Hegel is a Norwegian Company which exists since 1988. The products are developed and produced on the company-owned premises.  During my visit to the High End in Munich in 2009 I discovered this manufacturer, I noticed the stand immediately because of the electrical parts which were suspended everywhere.  I asked about the meaning of this parts. Anders Ertzeid explained to me that those electrical parts are an invention of Hegel, the so-called SoundEngine Technology.

The results of this technology are a clean music signal, a bigger dynamic range function and less distortions in comparison with traditional amplifiers. The SoundEngine Technology is used for output stages of preamplifiers and also for CD players.

I had the opportunity to test those products at my place and I found the pronounced musicality and the speed of the basses thanks to extremely high damping factors most remarkable!
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Comparison table

Basic Spec
Output Power ch/8ohm6075150250301
Damping Factor20002000400040004000
SoundEngine 2
OLED Display
Separate trasnformer for dac/pre
Balanced inputs1112
Analog inputs22222
Coaxial digital input11111
Optica digital input33333
USB input up to 24/96111
USB input up to DSD128 (256 on H590)yes (Mac DSD64)yes (Mac DSD64)
MQA Double unfold
Variable / Fixed level preout•/–•/–•/••/••/•
Eco mode (low power mode)
Upnp streaming
Spotify Connect
IR Direct input
Control 4 SDDPQ4-18Q4-18
IP Control
Indivudually configurable inputs

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Integrated Amplifiers

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Pre and Power Amplifiers


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