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Audel in Switzerland

Audel in Switzerland

We have been able to work out a deal with a special brand of loudspeakers: Audel, from Italy. They are specialized in transmission line loudspeakers and have an amazing workmanship for wood... but this is not the reason, why we have decided to take them on board: the design and the sound were the drivers of this choice.

Audel Fred & Ginger

Reportage about Blumenhofer Acoustics in

Es Lebe das Horn

Our friend at wrote a reportage of our visit on the 14th of November at Blumenhofer Acoustics (here). The article (in German) is amazing and shows the added value of Blumenhofer Acoustics and which are the ideas of Thomas and Andrea about the company and its products.
If You are curious about the article, You can read it here.

Es Lebe das Horn

Hegel Mohican earns the AVTech Media Award

We congratulate with Hegel for the new award as best HiFi Disc player for the Mohican. You can browse the awards here and what follows is the motivation of the award.

THE FACT THAT the Mohican CD player has no digital inputs, SACD playback or the ability to double up as a DAC caused a few raised eyebrows on the disc player’s launch, but sometimes it’s best to just concentrate on doing one thing, and doing it better than anyone else. Using a 32-bit AKMAK4490 converter run in native 16-bit/44.1kHz resolution, there’s no upsampling here – the result is a player that has a relaxed, natural and neutral sound that’s immensely satisfying to spend time with. If the Mohican is ‘The Last...’ CD player you ever buy, you won’t be disappointed... 

Hegel Mohican AVTech Media Award

New News

Armadillo News

We are moving in direction of a self hosted news system. Our choice went to Armadillo from Nimblehost. In a few days all older content will be transferred in the new platform. We are sure to offer a big improvement in the way the news will be handled and shared.

Visit at Blumenhofer with Christian Wenger (

We (Christian Wenger from and me) paid a visit to Blumenhofer Acoustics to interview Thomas Blumenhofer and Andrea Vitali about the company and the upcoming news. We collected lots of impression, very positive impressions and have learnt which products will soon hit the market. Some of them are really exciting, some other will bring good chances to promote the brand. We will promptly inform You on this line.
We shot lot of pictures during the days and visited some professionals installation as well.
We enjoyed the warm welcome and the great atmosphere trough and trough. Here You can browse the pictures we shot and have a little feeling of what unique product are the Blumenhofer Acoustics loudspeakers. I hope that the pictures will be able to transfer their richness and flavors.
In a few weeks Christian Wenger will publish an article on the pages about the company and the interviews of Thomas and Andrea. You will find the link in these pages as well.

Visit at Blumenhofer

Gato PWR-222 and PRD-3S earn reference award from Haute Fidélité

Reference for Gato PWR-222 and PRD-3S

The french magazine Haute Fidélité awards the Gato PWR-222 and the Gato PRD-3S the reference award in the october 2016 issue. The article is at page 92-96
Here You can download and read the french article as pdf file

Haute Fidélité reference award for Gato

Opening of the High End Studio Zimmermann - Schaffausen - Switzerland

Mr. Zimmermann is opening his new show room. Blumenhofer and Neat loudspeakers are the tool he has chosen to present his power amplifiers.

This is the statement of Mr. Zimmermann, the owner of the shop. He seemed quite happy about the result and the visitors.

Es war ein grosser Erfolg! - Am Samstag und Sonntag den 05.+ 06.11.16 besuchten uns viele fachkundige High-End interessierte.
Wir bedanken uns herzlich für Ihren Besuch.

Here some more pictures


Test Lavardin IS Reference Vollverstärker at


Christian Wenger from tested our Lavardin IS Reference Integrated Amplifier. Well, You should read it is a wonderful review that highlights all the strengths of the Lavardin in several combination. You can enjoy the reading here.


High-End Audio Zimmermann is our new Blumenhofer, Hegel und Neat dealer


Schaffhausen, a small town in a wonderful landscape. Now High-End Audio Zimmermann is our dealer for Blumenhofer Hegel and Neat in Schaffhausen.

The Hegel HD30 DAC receives the EISA Award

We congratulate with our supplier Hegel, and we are proud to inform You all that the Hegel HD30 Power Amplifier receives the EISA Award for 2016-2017 as best product in the category High End DAC.
Here You can watch and read more information about it.
And here You can download the brochure of the the Hegel HD30


Foné in Switzerland


During the Munich High End 2016 we met Giulio Cesare Ricci, patron of Fonè, at the Blumenhofer boot. He was presenting his latest LPs and explaining his way of working. Impressive quality, impressive production philosophy. Amazing. After a short discussion, we decided to work together for Switzerland. We are still ramping up the presence, but soon You will see more of the astonishing Fonè's products around.

canto-stefano-fausto-mesolella-canta-stefano-benni peo-alfonsi-salvatore-maiore-alma i-musici-antonio-vivaldi

Our visit at the Munich High End 2016

Even this year we have visited the Munich High End. Here there are some impressions about the show, at least of the Blumenhofer part of the Show.

Our visit at the Munich High End 2016

Lavardin in Switzerland


Now it is official, we are the official distributor for Lavardin in Switzerland. We are looking forward for presenting their products at our retailers!


Soundrevolution in Olten


Es war ein sehr erfolgreicher Tag. Es hatte nicht wahnsinnig viel Leute aber alle hatten irgendwie
ein Interesse.
An den Event kamen Leute die von Christian eingeladen wurden und es gab auch Leute die Christian nicht gekannt hatte.
Die Kommentare zu Blumenhofer, Einstein und natürlich Hegel waren sehr positiv!
Die meisten kannten Blumenhofer nicht, waren aber erstaunt wie gut die Lautsprecher klingen.
Wir planen in Zukunft zwei Events pro Jahr bei Christian zu machen. Einer im Frühling und einer im Herbst.

Im EG führten wir folgendes System laufen:
Quelle: Mac Computer oder CD Transport Gato Audio CDD-1
DAC: Hegel Wandler HD30
Verstärker: Vollverstärker Hegel H160.
Lautsprecher: Blumenhofer Tempesta 17
Kabel: AbsolueCréations
Stromfilter: Cammino Power Harmonizer H 3.1

Im UG hatten wir folgendes System laufen.
Plattenspieler: Thales TTT-Compact mit Tonzelle EMT JSD 6
Phonovorverstärker: Einstein The little big phono
Vollverstärker: Einstein The Tune
Lautsprecher: Blumenhofer Genuin FS 3 MK 2
Kabel: AbsolueCréations
Stromfilter: Cammino Power Harmonizer H 3.1

Ich bin froh, dass ich diesen Lautsprecher (Genuin FS 3 MK 2) gekauft habe, der ist wirklich genial!!

Hier mehr Bilder vom Setup.

Audiophile - ShowRooms is now Hegel dealer


In Lutry Audiophile - ShowRooms is convinced about our products: he is starting with Hegel, the first step for a successful cooperation!