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Hegel Röst and Gato AMP-150 test auf Stereo Ausgabe 8-2017

Start reading on page 22 and end at page 33, You will find a very nice overview of several amplifiers. Among the other the Gato AMP-150 and the Hegel Röst have been tested.
Should You be curious, here, You can purchase online the complete article directly from

Hegel Röst and Gato AMP-150 on Stereo 08/2017

Manger finally back in Switzerland

At the Munich High End 2017, we met Daniela Manger, the owner of the traditional audio manufacturing company. After a very enjoyable discussion we agreed that we would have started to promote Manger in our portfolio.

Manger in Switzerland

In Concert Audio presents the Genuin FS 1 MK 2

Blumenhofer macht aussergewöhnliche Lautsprecher im Süden Deutschlands, nahe Augsburg und von A bis Z selbst. Natürlich ist es schwierig für Audio-Enthusiasten, sich die verschiedenen Modelle lokal einmal zu Gemüte zu führen, vor allem die gewichtigen Exemplare.
Nun kann man sich die Genuin FS 1 MK 2 das Flaggschiff der Genuin-Serie zum ersten Mal in der Schweiz zu Gemüte führen und zwar am Samstag 3. Juni von 9:00 bis 17:00 bei InConcert Audio in Olten. Dazu kann man sich auch kleinere Modelle, wie die Genuin FS3 MK2 und die überragende Tempesta 17 anhören und bekommt damit einen guten Eindruck von den wunderbaren Klangwelten von Blumenhofer.
Hier können sie den Ankündigungbrief von Christian Wenger auf

Es spielen Blumenhofer Genuin FS1 MKII mit einer Valvet vor - Endstufenkombination.
Cammino Power Harmonizer
Kabel von AbsolueCréation
Plattenspieler Dr. Feickert

Genuin FS 1 MK 2 bei In Concert Audio - Olten

Valvet earned a Golden Ear award from

Valvet earned from Stereoplay the Golden Ear Award 2017 in the Preamplifier category.
Malte Ruhnke, the editor in chief, signed personally the award.
Here You can read the review that led to the award

Goldenes Ohr Valvet

HiFi+ published a report about the Lavardin ISx


On the issue 144 Alan Sircom from HiFi+ published a 3 pages review about the Lavardin ISx integrated amplifier.
Here You can read the table of content of the issue 144 of HiFi+ and if You are interested, here You can read the whole article.

Article Lavardin ISx on HiFi+ 144

Renewing the Web Pages

Spring is a renovation time, our business increased and our product portfolio developed further in the analogue domain. For this reason our web pages became more and more clumsy and nothing but just a list of brands. It was time to spend a little bit more effort to permit our customer to find the relevant information with ease... even if this needs one click longer, it bears lot more content it is open to bear lot more information and suggestions for the dealers and the final customers.
We appreciate feedback.

Renewing the Web Pages

Jelco Tonarme and accessories in Switzerland

We are expanding to become more and more specialised in analogue technology. We will be able to fulfil soon the needs of each music lover. Jelco is our new entry

Jelco in Switzerland

Frühlings Hausmesse bei Zimmermann in Schaffausen am 25. März

ab 10 bis 20 Uhr. Geräte von Hegel, Music Hall, EJ und Plattensp. von SCHEU, bringen unsere Lautsprecher von Blumenhofer, Neat acoustic, zu musikalischem Hörgenuss der Superlative! 
Anmeldung erwünscht
High-End Audio Zimmermann - Kronenhalde 12 - Schaffhausen
Tel. 052 624 14 37

Hausmesse Zimmermann

Soulines Turntables in Switzerland

We are improving our analogue offerings. Soulines from Serbia is now in our product portfolio.
Very nice and simple turntable based on a minimalistic concept.

Soulines Turntables

Blumenhofer introduces the Fun 13 MK 2

After a long development, and about one year from the last sale of the Fun 13, Blumenhofer introduces the new Fun 13 MK 2.
Blumenhofer's goal was to keep the same friendly dimensions and the same friendly design of the predecessor. Not a bigger loudspeaker, but a far better sounding one.
The differences, technically speaking are 2:
- a new silk dome tweeter with 28mm diameter
- a new woofer same dimensions but with P2C membrane
The first production after the pre-series have left the company in the last weeks.
About the beginning of February it will be also available in Switzerland

Blumenhofer Fun 13 MK 2

Product Pages

It is a long shot, but it is a start and we start with Hegel. We will add dedicated product pages, where we will add some content and information about the products we do have in distribution. Collecting useful links to reviews, videos and whatever we think is worth about the brands.

Hegel Product Pages

Audel in Switzerland

Audel in Switzerland

We have been able to work out a deal with a special brand of loudspeakers: Audel, from Italy. They are specialized in transmission line loudspeakers and have an amazing workmanship for wood... but this is not the reason, why we have decided to take them on board: the design and the sound were the drivers of this choice.

Audel Fred & Ginger

Reportage about Blumenhofer Acoustics in

Es Lebe das Horn

Our friend at wrote a reportage of our visit on the 14th of November at Blumenhofer Acoustics (here). The article (in German) is amazing and shows the added value of Blumenhofer Acoustics and which are the ideas of Thomas and Andrea about the company and its products.
If You are curious about the article, You can read it here.

Es Lebe das Horn

Hegel Mohican earns the AVTech Media Award

We congratulate with Hegel for the new award as best HiFi Disc player for the Mohican. You can browse the awards here and what follows is the motivation of the award.

THE FACT THAT the Mohican CD player has no digital inputs, SACD playback or the ability to double up as a DAC caused a few raised eyebrows on the disc player’s launch, but sometimes it’s best to just concentrate on doing one thing, and doing it better than anyone else. Using a 32-bit AKMAK4490 converter run in native 16-bit/44.1kHz resolution, there’s no upsampling here – the result is a player that has a relaxed, natural and neutral sound that’s immensely satisfying to spend time with. If the Mohican is ‘The Last...’ CD player you ever buy, you won’t be disappointed... 

Hegel Mohican AVTech Media Award

New News

Armadillo News

We are moving in direction of a self hosted news system. Our choice went to Armadillo from Nimblehost. In a few days all older content will be transferred in the new platform. We are sure to offer a big improvement in the way the news will be handled and shared.