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Welcome to In Concert Audio

We welcome In Concert Audio among our dealers. He will start with Gato Audio, Wire World and Dr. Feickert


Swiss High End 2014 in Zürich


Same room like last year, the 317, but for sure not the same sound.... and this year, we know how to do it even better next year!!!

Anyway, the system was straight simple:
- Dr. Feickert turntable, the woodpecker
- Octave V70 SE Power amplifier with integrated phono module
- Audio Tonale CD Transport
- Hegel DAC
- Cammino Power Harmonizer

We had plenty of really good contacts and the music was really enjoyable, and, of course, we had lot of fun as well: here You can see some pictures

Munich High End 2014

Here You can enjoy some nice pictures I have made during the Munich High End 2014.

As You know I supported the setup of Blumenhofer Acoustics, and here is the work we did: Blumenhofer Acoustics. Here You can read the post of Blumenhofer about the Munich High end. During the Show Blumenhofer presented the new Genuin FS 1 MKII, I'm looking forward to put my hands on one of those :-)

The other brands I support in Switzerland had as well a huge presentation at the Munich High End. Hereafter the pictures galleries I shoot on their booths:
- Cammino - with the post in their news here... they have been really spread!
btw. they claim that at Blumenhofer have been using High Fidelity cables... the facts are different if You take a good look at the pictures ;-)
- Dr. Feickert - has been present in a lot of rooms, here the complete list
- Gato Audio
- Hegel
Octave - presented the new pre-amplifier the HP-700
Blumenhofer - presented the new Genuin FS 1 MK II

See You at the Zürich High End, in October